LOEV vase

LOEV vase

LOEV originated from a material experiment with recycled cork and rubber. It consists of a combination of silicone, pigment and recycled cork. A design full of contrasts. Not only in terms of material but also in shape. The material is hand casted in a mold, and the untrimmed imperfections of the mold provide an exciting element to the vase. People are misled, surprised. The vase looks hard and cold, but it appears to be very flexible, warm and soft. It will surprise you by it tactility and invites to touch. The shape is inspired by the surroundings of Renate, she lives within the fortress of the Loevestein Castle, located in the middle of the Netherlands. It breathes transience: the memory of past times is caught in a contemporary, durable object.

Material: cork, natural pigments, silicone rubber

Available in various colors

All vases are unique, because they are handmade

Dimensions: Small: h ± 15, d ± 9 cm | Medium h ± 21, d ± 14 cm | Large h ± 30, diameter ± 14 cm

Small € 65 | Medium € 170 | Large € 297

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Photo credits:

Dani Smulders