GEM the collectibles

GEM [the collectibles]

Renate Vos introduces a series of sculptural light objects titled GEM [the collectibles], where apparent contradictions come together in a symbiotic whole.

The collection consists of unique, handmade works. Crafted from cast silicone and eco-friendly concrete, enhanced with LED elements and minimalist metal frames.

In a quest for stillness and serenity, Renate weaves contrasting materials into a harmonious unity, within a tension field of cold and hard versus warm and soft. The series blends the coolness and solidity of stone with a sense of comfort; the stone serving as a carrier of warmth, softness, and light. In doing so, the sleek, minimalist metal frames gracefully showcase the objects, drawing inspiration from the framing of a gemstone.

Renate’s inspiration comes from travels through time and nature and is inextricably linked to her surroundings: she lives within the fortress of the Loevestein Castle, situated between two rivers: the Maas and the Waal. GEM is inspired by quartzite and sandstones she found along these rivers and infused with her signature: playing with different materials in inventive or unconventional ways.

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