This series of earthenware objects is inspired by products from the D.I.Y. shop. Bricolage is characterized by its clear design language and surprising aesthetics and consists of redesigns of familiar shapes that look surprisingly good when taken out of context and manufactured in another material.

The BRICOLAGE series can be used as storage pot, oil or vinegar jar, vase or for decoration.

Mancho: height 17 cm x diameter 11 cm
Tuya: height 11 cm x diameter 11,5 cm
Debouch: height 18 cm x diameter 14 cm
Petit Debouch: height 11 cm x diameter 14 cm
Material: earthenware with a matte glaze and cork stopper
Available colors: grey | light green-grey | dark green-grey   old rose | liver | dark rose

In collaboration with Cor Unum ceramics.

€ 36,50 | € 38,00 | € 39,50 | € 41,00

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Dani Smulders